Bill Broadwell, Aviation Communications Specialist


Bill Broadwell, Aviation Communications Specialist

Who I Am

I have developed a detailed program to assist pilots of ALL skill levels to be highly effective communicators with Air Traffic Control. I deal with “mic fright” and give pilots a complete picture of what’s occurring on the other end of the radio. This program teaches you how to be clear, concise, easily understood and CONFIDENT. My teaching style is humorous, passionate and relatable as I share my vast, accumulated knowledge that will help YOU be a better pilot.

I have been in the Air Traffic Control field for over 40 years. My career began in the Army in 1976 when my only request was to “work with airplanes.” I got my wish as an Air Traffic Control Specialist. I began as a civilian ATC in 1986 and has worked in complex airport environments my entire career.

The pinnacle of my career was the 3 ½ years (May 2009-February 2013) on the NATO base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. As a contract ATC, I had to apply every skill I had ever learned. The dense traffic and working with so many different types of aircraft challenged me to the limits. I was able to be there as a witness to the endless sacrifice and valor of our military men and women. It was an incredible honor.

Throughout my entire career, I have received constant awards for exceptional service, teamwork and  “above and beyond” work ethic in ATC towers across the United States and Afghanistan. I am dedicated to the “customer service” aspect of my job as an ATC. I teach that when the pilot and controllers work together, it should be a helpful exchange for both parties.

My wife and I currently live in Oxnard, California. I have continued my ATC career at Oxnard Airport. I am currently on the Board of Advisors for the Aviation Academy at Oxnard High School and am a regular at Aviation Career Day (sponsored by the Ventura County 99s) held in Camarillo, California. I have been sharing my passion for aviation with young people (and students of all ages) for decades. I am also a regular guest speaker at the Pilot/Controller Seminars held at Santa Paula Airport.